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Here are 20 tips for how to clean leather handbags (2)

Hello,everyone!Last blog I have gave 10 tips for you how to clean leather replica handbags.did you get it?Today,I will list another 10 tips for you.

Leather is an extremely long lasting product and needs to be cared for. To care as well as safeguard your leather purses, LV replica handbags, budgets, fanny packs, etc., you ought to make use of good quality water and also stain repellant in order to help prevent discolorations and dirt build up.

11. Keep your bag stuffed while you’re not using it… to help keep its shape better.

12. Never use water on grease stains… these should simply wipe off leather surfaces.

13. Use a professional leather cleaning agent on tougher dirt… these creams don’t need to be rinsed out which can damage your bag further. They might cost more, but the result will be so much more affective.

14.Handbag Clinic top tip: “When cleaning always use a product designed for use on the material. A general leather cleaner will not be as effective on a suede or nubuck interior than a cleaner specifically designed for suede & nubuck for example (due to the absorbent, fibrous nature of the material).”

15. Always spot-test a cleaning method before you use it… preferably somewhere on the inside of the bag that can’t be seen by prying eyes.

16. Avoid holding your handbag if you’ve just applied hand cream… or you’re just ASKING for grease stains.

17. If your tote came with a dust bag… use it. These aren’t just for pretty packaging – they are intended to keep your bags dust-free when they’re not being used.

18. Elias Dry Cleaners top tip: “If you don’t have a dust bag an old pillowcase will do!”

19. Consider buying Stain Cover just in case your bag gets messy… at the Handbag Clinic you can insure up to

20.handbags against stains for a small fee per month.